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Michelle Pittman

Moms are busy! Let's just be honest.  We are always taking care of others and often neglect ourselves.  We usually just don't have time for us with everything on our plates...sports practices, homework, ball games, laundry, cooking, cleaning, appointments, pto/pta meetings, volunteer commitments, etc. Whew!! We have a heavy load on our shoulders and at the end of the day or even in the middle of our day, we just don't take the time for us.  But we really need to take care of us because if we don't, who's going to? You deserve it!!

Many years ago, I was that Mom.  The one who was always taking care of everyone else and all of my many responsibilities.  I was stressed out.  I was tired.  I was bored.  I was lonely.  I wasn't very confident.  I wasn't very healthy and I definitely wasn't very happy.  In a way, I guess I felt like it was selfish of me to take time out for myself.  But you know what? It's SO important!! I started getting my hair done.  I started getting my nails done.  I started hanging out with amazing women. I started working out, eating right and just taking better care of myself.  I realized that I deserved it and I could definitely find the time.

So, now I'm looking to encourage and empower other busy moms to live happier, cleaner lives.  I've got an amazing FREE gift for you!! It's my No BS Guide to Living a Happy Clean Life: 10 steps to detoxify & declutter your life and take back control.  Don't we all want to take back control of our lives? Yes please!!

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