10 Reasons to start eating chia seeds

Chia Seeds are one of those supplements that at first I would have considered a “fad supplement” because of it’s overnight popularity until I started doing my research.  Now I think it’s really important to add these to everyone’s daily lifestyle.  I regularly add them to my protein shakes as well as my overnight refrigerator yogurts.


Here are 10 reasons you should be consuming Chia Seeds :

(1) 5 g Omega 3’s, 11 g Fiber, 18% of daily Calcium, & 4.4 g Protein.

(2) Get full nutrient absorption when eaten raw

(3) Full of anti-oxidants

(4) Cuts cravings so they are great for weight loss

(5) Gives sustainable energy

(6) Anti-aging (healthy skin, hair and nails)

(7) Contains iron, calcium, vitamin c, potassium,  and magnesium for a strengthened immune system.

(8) Normalizes blood sugar levels

(9) Cleanses the colon

(10) Improves heart health.

I purchase my Chia Seeds on Amazon Spectrum Essentials Ground Chia Seed, 10 Ounce.

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