Are you sharing the love?

Recently, my family and I found ourselves in a situation that I never saw myself dealing with or at least always prayed would never happen.  Our house was hit by lightning which then caused a fire in our garage/attic.  It was almost dreamlike sitting in my husband’s truck in the pouring rain with our 4 kids and the dog watching the 5 fire trucks pull up and go to work to save our house.  The fire and electrical damage was minimal compared to what could have been however we were left with a destroyed garage and rooms in our home with no power.  We had to live in a hotel for 10 days and I’m so thankful we have a safe place to go and that we had a home to go home to and no one was hurt.


I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason but I can’t quite explain why this happened to us when my kids ask.  My youngest son asked if we made God mad and I had to explain that it doesn’t quite work that way.  I think I know why it happened…and believe it or not, I think God did us a favor.  I won’t bore you with the details, but I do see the blessings.

My reasoning for sharing this story is this… Through all of this, it’s made me really stop and think about what others are going through.  Everyone we meet is dealing with stuff that we know nothing about.  When someone saw my family and I eating dinner out or having breakfast in the hotel every morning just a few weeks ago, they have no idea what our story was.  We definitely weren’t vacationing in Indy in September.

With everyone I come into contact with, I start to wonder “what their story is”.  We never know what someone is dealing with or kind of pain they may be going through.  We need  to stop and think about others more. Just a smile or a simple “Hi” or even a kind gesture can make all the difference. Be there to support those who are going through a difficult time. It’s really changed how I see others. Maybe it’s because I’m feeling blessed knowing there are countless others dealing with way worse situations than we are. Before you snap at someone for something trivial that upsets you or annoys you, remember that they might be going though something that you know nothing about. Respect each other and share the love.

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