To buy or not to buy organic…marketing ploy or healthier option?

To buy or not to buy organic…that is the question.

It’s almost overwhelming to go shopping these days.  You arrive at the store with your list & hit the aisle you need only to be faced with so many brand names & so many different choices.  There are of course products whose name brands have been around forever & then there are the newer ones on the market.  The biggest thing that tugs at my conscience every time I shop is whether I should buy organic, all natural or the other products that are neither.  I mean, for most of my life I’ve been using the products that are “neither” and so far I’m without any health issues.  So in the back of my mind I’m wondering how much of the organic, natural hype really makes a difference in the health and well being of myself and my family.  Could it be a marketing ploy to get us to spend even more money? While I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer here for everyone as to whether you should buy organic, all natural or neither, I do think it’s important to do your homework & do what works best for you and your family.


I have done my own research and I here is what I’ve come up with. I do not buy all organic food but I do choose organic fruits and veggies.  I get them delivered from Green Bean Delivery ( or purchase them at the local store or market.  Do we occasionally eat non-organic produce, yes we do because let’s face it sometimes it’s cheaper, convenient or it’s the only option available at the time.  We purchase our beef from a local farmer.  I was purchasing organic chicken from my local grocery store until I saw the bad publicity about that.  I’m currently researching the best option for purchasing organic chicken in my area.

I suggest that you educate yourself and do your research.  There are chemicals and pesticides used on produce that I just would rather not expose my family to.  Organic pesticides are derived from natural sources & are processed lightly if at all before use.  I’m not so sure that organic produce is nutritionally any better than non-organic but if it contains less synthetic pesticides and potential toxins, that’s the choice for me.  I do know there is a big difference in my opinion in the taste of organic vs. non-organic produce.  If you don’t believe me, go out and buy 2 bananas…1 organic and 1 not.  See which one tastes more like a banana.


Aside from the organic vs. non-organic food choices, there are now more and more personal care products and household products available that are labeled non-toxic, organic, & all natural.  As I’ve been doing my research on these products as well, I recently read that your skin can absorb 60% of the natural and chemical products you use on your skin and hair.  So that got me thinking about all of the chemicals I use on a daily basis.  Research suggests that the average woman uses over 500 synthetic chemicals on their bodies daily.  Wow! That number scares me!  There are lists of chemicals in products that we should not be using as they are linked to all sorts of health issues.  Just stop for a second and think about all of the products you use every day during your morning routine.  I know I use a lot! I started using the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) site at for a listing of skin care products and how they rate. Go ahead and check out how your favorite brand rates!


I have started to evaluate the products I buy and found myself wondering how much of the organic and all natural products are necessary.  I will be honest, until recently I didn’t buy into it at all.  How many of our mothers out there will say that they used non-organic products on us as kids and we turned out ok? And while that may be true, there is also more research available today that is hard for me to ignore.  You ultimately have do your own research, educate yourself on the ingredients in products and what they all mean.  Please understand too, that just because a product is labeled “natural” does not mean that it’s healthy for you.  While organic food can cost more, I just keep in mind that we are only given one body & one life to live.  I want my family & I to live long healthy lives & that’s all I’m trying to achieve.  So, I am starting to buy more 100% organic & natural ones & I’ve started educating myself on the uses of essential oils in place of the harmful, chemical cleaners or products I have used for years.  I feel I’m making healthier choices for my family that may cost more but may also dramatically have an effect on our future health and last time I checked being chronically sick, is pretty expensive too.

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