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Joyful Mama Blend

Most of us have those days when we get into a “funk” as I call it and some days no matter what we have going on, it’s just hard to shake it.  I sometimes don’t even know why I’m in a funk or how to snap out of it. Maybe it’s God’s way of letting us know we need to take a little time for ourselves.  As a busy Mom of 4, my plate is usually running over with responsibilities, I do sometimes need a reminder to stop and do something for me.  So maybe those “funks” are just wake up calls to take a break & do something for yourself or just do nothing at all.

I do find that scents can really help me when I get in these “funks”.  I recently got the Young Living Joy essential oil and I must say, it’s amazing.  It’s a blend of bergamot, lemon, palmarosa, jasmine, Roman chamomile, rose, coriander, tangerine, ylang ylang and geranium.  It’s definitely a very floral scent but I like these kinds of scents.  Just a whiff of it brings a smile to my face!

Joy essential oil is definitely a mood booster.  It can also calm anxiety, reduce stress, relieve tension, calm cramps and help your libido.  This essential oil is photosensitive, so you want to avoid sun exposure for 48 hours after using it.

I decided to make a blend of Joy essential oil & Orange essential oil because I thought the two would be a perfect spring & summer blend that would be both calming & uplifting.  Many years ago I visited Arizona in the summer and I will always remember the amazing smell of the orange blossoms.  This was sort of my inspiration for this blend.


Here’s my “Joyful Mamaroller ball blend:

  • 10 drops Joy essential oil
  • 15 drops Orange essential oil
  • Carrier Oil (I had almond oil & apricot oil on hand but you could also use any carrier oil you have on hand)
  • 1 glass roller ball bottle

        I simply add the Joy and Orange essential oil to the bottle & then fill it up with the carrier oil.

This blend can be applied to your wrists, temples, feet or even over your heart.  You can diffuse it or even add it to your bath.  I like to put a little in my hands and just breath it in.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

DIY Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend

Having 3 kiddos with ADD/ADHD, I know all too well what it’s like for them to have issues falling asleep.  I love the power of essential oils and for relaxing they work wonders.  I myself love some lavender body butter before bed.  I love this DIY Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend. It’s super simple to make and smells amazing!!

The essential oils I’m using in this blend are Lavender, Peace & Calming II & Frankincense. You will also need a carrier oil (I used almond oil), a roller bottle (I was all out so I improvised with a glass dropper bottle). You may also need a plastic pipette, however I did not.

DIY Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend

I started off by adding:

9 drops of Frankincense (helps alleviate nervous energy)

15 drops of Peace & Calming II (very calming and promotes rest)

20 drops of Lavender (helps you relax and unwind)

You could certainly cut this in thirds and make less but I made a pretty good sized bottle.  I added extra Lavender, because I really love the smell…you could add equal amounts of the Peace & Calming II and Lavender though. I then topped it off with some carrier oil filling the bottle until it was about 3/4 of the way full.

This is a really relaxing, pleasant scent. At bedtime, I suggest putting this on the bottoms of your kiddos (and your) feet and maybe even a little on the back of the neck and your wrists. Sweet Dreams!!

Fire Cider…A Healthy, Homeopathic Tonic For Kicking & Preventing Colds & Flus

Living in the Midwest, means suffering with cold winters and too many germs! Someone in my family of 6 has been sick in our house since before Christmas.  I’m always on the look out for natural, homeopathic ways of dealing with germs and sickness.  A friend on Facebook shared of something she had made that she called “fire cider“. I had never heard of this so I immediately looked it up on Pinterest.  I found so many different recipes but what I discovered about the benefits of this tonic had me wanting to make it NOW!! First off, it is made with apple cider vinegar and other natural, immune-boosting ingredients.  It has been shown to have antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal properties.  You can drink it daily as an immune booster during the winter months as a preventative or at the onset of colds or the flu.  You can warm it up, add it a Bloody Mary, use it in soups, add a bit to juice for the kiddos, as a marinade or salad dressing or add a bit of it to tea with honey.  Now I’ve never tried this tonic before but I’m going to assume that it is nasty & very spicy!! So, in my opinion however you can choke it down is what you should do.

My fire cider…looks kind of pretty.

Most of the recipes I’ve found consist of these main ingredients:


Apple Cider Vinegar ~ Helps maintain proper pH levels

Honey ~ Contains powerful antioxidants with antiseptic and antibacterial properties

Horseradish Root ~ High in Vit C & has antimicrobial activities

Onion ~ Traditionally this has been a food remedy for cold, cough, bronchitis & influenza.

Ginger Root ~ Has the ability to warm the stomach to ease vomiting & nausea and fight off colds and coughs

Hot Peppers ~ Herbalists have traditionally used this to cure stomach aches, cramping, gas varicose veins, allergies, constipation & heart attacks


For my recipe, I didn’t measure exactly but followed the recipes I found on Pinterest and created my own version.  I decided to make 3 jars and here is what I used per jar:


* 1/2 cup ginger root (scrub it clean)

* 1 head of garlic

* 2 – 3 T of fresh rosemary

* 2 – 3 T of fresh thyme

* 1 T parsley

* 1 Jalepeno pepper

* 1/4 of a large onion

* 3 orange slices

* 3 lemon slices

* 1 T peppercorns


Putting it all together…

• Grate the horse radish, garlic, and ginger
• Crush or chop the garlic cloves
• Slice the jalapenos in half
• Bruise or chop the fresh rosemary & thyme
• Throw everything into a pint size jar & top it off with raw apple cider vinegar. For my 3 jars, I used 2 jars.
• Keep the fire cider in a cool dark place where you won’t forget to shake it once a day
• Age for 4 – 6 weeks
• Strain and bottle.  Add honey to sweeten to taste

I used organic ingredients in my fire cider & I would recommend you do the same if they are available.

My fire cider has at least 2 more weeks to brew but as soon as I can give this a taste test, I will be sure to share my thoughts with you.  I’m a bit scared to taste it honestly! But if it will prevent sickness or help me kick it faster, then I’m drinking it…just a shot that its! 😉 If you have tried this yourself, I’d love to hear from you.  Did you use different ingredients? What were your results using this? I’m super excited to give this a try!!

Have a happy clean Monday!

~ Michelle


My homemade eczema cure…

Happy February!! It’s hard to believe that Spring is less than 2 months away! Living in the Midwest with the snow & bitter cold sometimes the winters can drag on forever.  This winter has been very hectic and crazy for myself and my family.  The week before Christmas we moved into a home we built (yay!) so I’m still unpacking, painting, decorating & dealing with contractor issues that need fixed.  I also took on an unexpected new as the PTO president at my younger kiddo’s elementary school.  I have my blog of course which I’m trying to more consistent with.  I have my business & then just all of my hobbies and duties as a Mom of 4 kiddos.  So, the winter has just flown by for me! I may be busy & pulled in a million different directions often, but I am very blessed & I know it.

One of my newest obsessions or hobbies or whatever you want to call it that is keeping me busy in my “free” time…Ha! Ha!, is researching ingredients & making my own body care.  So far, I’ve made whipped body butter out of natural & organic ingredients.  There are no chemicals, toxins, or artificial anything in my body care.  It’s been really difficult to find a body creme that is not only natural & organic but works for me.  I saw a dermatologist about a year ago for dry, itchy skin on my legs…it’s only on my lower legs.  She diagnosed it as a form of eczema and prescribed me a creme.  Well, a year later I still have that eczema and I gave up on that cream.  Most lotions and cremes burn and make the condition worse.  So I started doing some research on making my own cream and found several recipes on Pinterest for whipped body butter.  It looks good enough to eat!! You actually could eat it but I’m sure it’s not very tasty! 😉


Once I started looking at the recipes I was finding for these body butters, I started doing my research on the different ingredients that can be used and what I discovered was that all this time I’ve been using lotions and creams that are water based.  When the water evaporates after you put on your lotion, what do you think happens to your skin? It’s definitely going to stay hydrated for long.  Is it? These body butters have no water at all, so they are super emollient & nourishing for your skin.

So far, I’ve made 2 batches of my whipped body butter & I’ve been using them daily on my legs.  I made Peppermint White Chocolate and a Lavender one.  I am happy to report that my eczema is virtually gone.  The dry itchy skin is gone! My husband even noticed how smooth and soft my legs were the other night in bed.  He was very impressed and couldn’t get over how smooth they were.  I am working on some new scents and can’t wait to give these a try…Orange Mango & Coconut Lime. Yum!!


The ingredients I use in my body butters are natural, organic, unrefined and so good for your skin such as raw mango butter, cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, almond oil & essential oils.  Below I will share with you all the wonderful properties of these ingredients:

Raw Mango Butter

* hydrates, nourishes & is highly emollient

* users note that it protects & heals against sunburn, frostbite, eczema, insect bites & poison ivy

* prevents drying skin and formation of wrinkles

* restores skin’s elasticity

Apricot Kernel Oil

* softens fine lines & restores skin’s healthy glow

* rich in essential fatty acids

* soothes irritated skin

*nourishes and moisturizes

* contains Vitamins E, A & C

* users note that it has helped calm inflammation from eczema & dermatitis

Cocoa Butter 

* high in antioxidants which fight free radicals that cause skin stressers & signs of aging

* users note that it can help reduce stretch marks

* high in fatty acids which hydrates the skin

* users noted it protects & heals eczema & dermatitis

Shea Butter

* contains Vitamins A, E, F and antioxidants

* promotes and accelerates healing

* it has anti-inflammatory properties

* natural sunscreen

* stimulates collagen production

* users note that it protects & heals sunburn, psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles, and blemishes

Almond Oil

* contains Vitamins A, D & E

* it has been shown to have a calming effect on people with skin allergies and inflammation

* it has anti-aging properties & has been shown to reverse the signs of sun damage

* users note it can clear up eye puffiness and dark circles as well as delay appearances of wrinkles

* it promotes better blood circulation which can tighten the skin

* users noted that it protects and heals against chapped skin, minor wounds, eczema and acne

Coconut Oil

* strengthens underlying tissues

* contains antioxidants

* protects against free radical damage

* anti-aging properties

* exfoliates dead skin cells

* made up of medium chain triglycerides which is skin conditioning

* users note it protects and heals eczema & provides sun damage

* very moisturizing

Essential Oils

* I use only the best 100% pure essential oils

* Each oil has different health benefits for your skin.

Want a secret all natural wrinkle treatment?

Try adding 2 drops of lemon essential oil, 2 drops of lavender essential oil, 2 drops of frankincense essential oil with 1 oz almond oil.

I’m going to be selling my body butters very soon, so please like my facebook page at and keep up to date with my new body care. If you have a recipe or suggestion for me, please feel free to leave it below in a comment or email me at

Happy Monday!

~ Michelle

Why I choose Green BEAN Delivery & you should too…

I’ve been using Green BEAN Delivery for my organic produce & natural groceries for a year and a half now.  I’m so happy my neighbor at the time told me about this service.  The produce is amazing and I love that it’s organic because as we all know by now, organic is the better option.  Now I know there are some of you who still don’t buy into the “organic” food idea but here’s what I asked my husband just last week.  Would you spray Raid on your apple, rinse it off and then take a bite out of it? NO?! Why not? That’s the same reason I buy and eat organic when I can.  I like to avoid as many toxins, pesticides and chemicals in my life as I can…especially on and in my food.


So, with Green BEAN Delivery I get organic produce that is amazing! If you have never purchased organic produce, in my opinion there is a definite taste difference…especially with bananas.  You can get a bin every week or you can choose when you get your bins…every other week or whatever works best for you.  You can change it online easily.  You simply get your first order and whatever day they  drop it off is the same day they will pick up your old bin and deliver your new bin the following week.  Just leave your empty bin out on your front porch the day of delivery. Each bin is customizable or you can choose to get whatever they give you.  I’ve been surprised before and it was kind of fun because it forced me to fix and eat produce that I might not normally eat.  Lately though, I’ve been customizing my own bin.  Each bin is around $35.  Here is a picture of one of my bins and all of the produce that was packed inside.


Doesn’t that produce look yummy? Are you ready to get organic produce delivered to your front door every week or every other week or maybe just once a month? Right now Green BEAN Delivery has a special going. For each friend you refer between Jan 27 – Mar 5, you’ll get $20 off an order and they’ll get $20 off their first order.

Each time someone you refer signs up, you’ll receive $20 off an upcoming order (limit one $20 discount per order). There is no limit to the number of people you can sign up – the more you sign up, the more $20 discounts you receive! So who do you know that would be interested in this service? Just think about how much you could save! If you are interested in trying out this service, here is my email: for the referral and here is the website:  Let me know if you are a happy customer or if you decide you want to give this service a try.  You will be happy with it I’m sure!

I’d love to hear your comments and questions, so please feel free to leave them below!

UPDATE…Green BEAN Delivery is offering $15 off for my reader’s first time orders or reactivations.  $15 OFF!!! That’s a great deal! This offer expires on April 29, 2015. Use promo code: bc1hacl

Have a great day!


Easy natural homemade fabric softener in minutes

As a Mom of 4 kiddos, I do a LOT of laundry…2 loads on average daily.  Yikes!! I’m always learning and educating myself on what harmful ingredients might be lurking in the products we use and consume.  It didn’t really hit me until a few months ago though that the dryer sheets that I love so much, were probably leaving all sorts of chemical residue on my family’s clothing and linens.  I love the smell of dryer sheets…the extra softness is great too but the smell is what gets me.  The more I thought about all of those chemicals that were on our towels when we dried off after a shower, or on our sheets and blankets when we went to bed at night and not to mention on our clothes we were every day, the more I just knew I had to stop using them.  So, I hit the internet to figure out what I could use instead of my dryer sheets or fabric softener.  What I found were wool dryer balls that I found on Amazon.  These are great! Not only do my clothes dry faster but they are also soft without all of those chemicals.  The only thing I miss, is that clean, fresh smell of clothes right out of the dryer.  Don’t get me wrong, my clothes smell clean but they lack that “extra” scent that my dryer sheets delivered.

I’ve got friends who use Distilled White Vinegar as their fabric softener and love it.  I recently came across a Pinterest idea that used hair conditioner, vinegar and water to make your own easy homemade fabric softener.  The idea intrigued me because I knew I could use a natural or organic hair conditioner and end up with a natural fabric softener that had the yummy smell and softness I so needed.

So yesterday, I made my own easy natural homemade fabric softener and it works great! I thought I’d share it with you.

Easy natural fabric softener

Here’s my recipe:

1 Empty Container

5 cups hot water

3 cups white vinegar

2 cups hair conditioner (I chose a natural one)

Easy fast fabric softener

I used an empty vinegar bottle for my mixture but you could certainly use an empty fabric softener bottle that has been rinsed out well.  I can’t say how much I use because I just fill the dispenser in my washer.  I did a load of blankets yesterday using my new natural fabric softener and they came out of the dryer smelling yummy and were super soft.

I still use my wool dryer balls because they help cut down on drying time.

If you give this recipe for easy, natural homemade fabric softener a try, I’d love to hear from you.

Feel free to leave me a comment below or email me at

Why I’m throwing out my Keurig…


I love coffee but I’m throwing out my Keurig.  I jumped on the Keurig craze when they first came out and I think I’ve since gone through at least 3 of them…they certainly don’t last long, do they? I’ve come to realize that it’s expensive, very wasteful and I worry about just how healthy those little k-cups really are.  I mean, our hot water is filtering through those little plastic cups.  The coffee grinds are sitting in a paper filter that has to be glued to the little plastic cup somehow.  So we’ve got glue and plastic in our coffee and who knows what is growing inside that Keurig machine since you can really only clean the carafe part where you put in the water. 🙂


I have a friend who loves her cold brew coffee maker and I never really even considered it as an option for me until recently when I really started looking at what might be in my morning cup of coffee coming out of my Keurig.  Here’s how the cold coffee brewing works: Instead of brewing coffee the traditional way with hot water, you let the grounds sit in water undisturbed for around 12 hours.  You  then filter the grounds from the liquid. You are left with a highly concentrated coffee that you will then add water to.


When you add heat to coffee a chemical reaction occurs that brings out the acid and bitter taste. If you don’t heat the coffee, you won’t bring out it’s bitterness.  Cold brewed coffee is ideal for those with acid reflux or sensitive stomachs. It’s also less expensive and it’s the greenest coffee there is because there is no electricity used to brew it. I’m seeing comments about this being the a bold and super smooth coffee.  Cold brewed coffee can be served one cup at a time either hot or cold simply by adding hot or cold water or milk and you can decide how strong you want it.  Refrigerated cold brew coffee remains fresh for up to 14 days with out having that stale coffee taste.  To brew cold brewed coffee, you do so using a french press, Tody or try a simpler method found on Pinterest that doesn’t require any new appliances.


What are your coffee thoughts? Do you cold brew your coffee? If so, I’d love to hear from you.  I will be giving this a try for the first time in a few days when my french press arrives.  I’m super excited to try a cup of coffee without the usual bitterness.  Please feel free to leave your comments below or email me at

10 Reasons to start eating chia seeds

Chia Seeds are one of those supplements that at first I would have considered a “fad supplement” because of it’s overnight popularity until I started doing my research.  Now I think it’s really important to add these to everyone’s daily lifestyle.  I regularly add them to my protein shakes as well as my overnight refrigerator yogurts.


Here are 10 reasons you should be consuming Chia Seeds :

(1) 5 g Omega 3’s, 11 g Fiber, 18% of daily Calcium, & 4.4 g Protein.

(2) Get full nutrient absorption when eaten raw

(3) Full of anti-oxidants

(4) Cuts cravings so they are great for weight loss

(5) Gives sustainable energy

(6) Anti-aging (healthy skin, hair and nails)

(7) Contains iron, calcium, vitamin c, potassium,  and magnesium for a strengthened immune system.

(8) Normalizes blood sugar levels

(9) Cleanses the colon

(10) Improves heart health.

I purchase my Chia Seeds on Amazon Spectrum Essentials Ground Chia Seed, 10 Ounce.

5 Healthy Hacks You Need to Start This Weekend!

For those who don’t know what a “hack” is, it is: a quick solution that solves a problem.  In this case, the problem is unhealthy junk that you don’t need in your life. Implementing these changes, might actually might save you money too! Who doesn’t want more money?

So here is my top 5 list of healthy hacks that I think we should all do which will have us living healthier, happier lives.


Healthy Hack #1:

Replace your dryer sheets or fabric softener with wool dryer balls, available here: Have you ever stopped to think about what is in your fabric softener? It’s not good! We put these chemical ridden dryer sheets in our dryer with our clothing, linens and etc and then we wear them and use them.  So we are essentially walking around wearing chemicals, drying off with towels that have chemicals on them as well as sleeping on beds with chemical ridden sheets and blankets.  Think about it!! It’s not necessary & it’s scary! I love these wool dryer balls!! These 100% wool dryer balls soften your laundry naturally with no chemicals or synthetics. It shortens your drying time. They are handmade, eco-friendly & save energy.  They last for thousands of loads which saves you $$!

Switch to wool dryer balls and save money as well as live healthier with no chemicals on your clothing, linens and etc.


Healthy Hack #2:

Purchase 3 essential oils…peppermint, lavender & lemon.  Then go here to learn what you can do with them.

Peppermint Oil:

Lemon Oil:

Lavender Oil:

There are all sorts of essential oils you can buy but these are the 3 that I use the most.  You can use these 3 essential oils to replace your household cleaners, use as bug repellant, as air fresheners, to wash your produce, for all sorts of health and wellness uses, and etc.  And guess what? By using essential oils instead of the common chemical household products, you are providing a natural alternative that is healthy & so beneficial for you and your family & since you typically only use drops of the oil it goes a long way and saves you $$!! See a pattern here?!

Essential oils are all natural & have so many uses!

Healthy Hack #3:

Drink a glass of cold water first thing in the morning before you have your coffee, tea or breakfast. This simple step can help boost your metabolism for the day by as much as 30%!! Who doesn’t want to burn more calories?! Drinking cold water is the key…your body will burn calories just getting the water to a normal temperature to digest.  This cold water will also help wake you up!

Boost your metabolism by drinking more water.

Healthy Hack #4:

Use more Greek yogurt.  It’s packed with protein and it’s so much healthier for you than the alternatives.  Did you know that Greek yogurt can be used in your recipes to replace: eggs, butter, mayonnaise, sour cream, cream cheese, & even buttermilk? I use Greek Yogurt to replace sour cream when making veggie dips.  I also use it when I’m making a cake mix…my fave is Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake mix, 1 c. of Greek yogurt & 1 c. of water.  I also use Greek yogurt to make my southwest veggie dip/salad dressing.  I use Greek yogurt, taco mix seasoning and ranch mix seasoning.  Yum!!

Greek yogurt is a great staple to have in your fridge if you like to bake or cook.

Healthy Hack #5:

Stop eating for 3 -4 hours before going to bed.  Now, I know for many this sounds impossible, but this is huge if you are trying to lose weight and aren’t we all? Eating before bed is a guaranteed way to slow down your metabolism and gain weight.  Eat dinner earlier if possible.  Eating lighter at dinner is also a great idea! Try taking a short walk after dinner to help reduce your blood sugar and boost your metabolism.

Are you a late night snacker?

I hope you find my healthy household hacks to be beneficial.  These are all hacks that I implement into my life daily.  Do you have a hack of your own that you’d like to share? Comment below or email me at  I’d love to hear from you!


To buy or not to buy organic…marketing ploy or healthier option?

To buy or not to buy organic…that is the question.

It’s almost overwhelming to go shopping these days.  You arrive at the store with your list & hit the aisle you need only to be faced with so many brand names & so many different choices.  There are of course products whose name brands have been around forever & then there are the newer ones on the market.  The biggest thing that tugs at my conscience every time I shop is whether I should buy organic, all natural or the other products that are neither.  I mean, for most of my life I’ve been using the products that are “neither” and so far I’m without any health issues.  So in the back of my mind I’m wondering how much of the organic, natural hype really makes a difference in the health and well being of myself and my family.  Could it be a marketing ploy to get us to spend even more money? While I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer here for everyone as to whether you should buy organic, all natural or neither, I do think it’s important to do your homework & do what works best for you and your family.


I have done my own research and I here is what I’ve come up with. I do not buy all organic food but I do choose organic fruits and veggies.  I get them delivered from Green Bean Delivery ( or purchase them at the local store or market.  Do we occasionally eat non-organic produce, yes we do because let’s face it sometimes it’s cheaper, convenient or it’s the only option available at the time.  We purchase our beef from a local farmer.  I was purchasing organic chicken from my local grocery store until I saw the bad publicity about that.  I’m currently researching the best option for purchasing organic chicken in my area.

I suggest that you educate yourself and do your research.  There are chemicals and pesticides used on produce that I just would rather not expose my family to.  Organic pesticides are derived from natural sources & are processed lightly if at all before use.  I’m not so sure that organic produce is nutritionally any better than non-organic but if it contains less synthetic pesticides and potential toxins, that’s the choice for me.  I do know there is a big difference in my opinion in the taste of organic vs. non-organic produce.  If you don’t believe me, go out and buy 2 bananas…1 organic and 1 not.  See which one tastes more like a banana.


Aside from the organic vs. non-organic food choices, there are now more and more personal care products and household products available that are labeled non-toxic, organic, & all natural.  As I’ve been doing my research on these products as well, I recently read that your skin can absorb 60% of the natural and chemical products you use on your skin and hair.  So that got me thinking about all of the chemicals I use on a daily basis.  Research suggests that the average woman uses over 500 synthetic chemicals on their bodies daily.  Wow! That number scares me!  There are lists of chemicals in products that we should not be using as they are linked to all sorts of health issues.  Just stop for a second and think about all of the products you use every day during your morning routine.  I know I use a lot! I started using the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) site at for a listing of skin care products and how they rate. Go ahead and check out how your favorite brand rates!


I have started to evaluate the products I buy and found myself wondering how much of the organic and all natural products are necessary.  I will be honest, until recently I didn’t buy into it at all.  How many of our mothers out there will say that they used non-organic products on us as kids and we turned out ok? And while that may be true, there is also more research available today that is hard for me to ignore.  You ultimately have do your own research, educate yourself on the ingredients in products and what they all mean.  Please understand too, that just because a product is labeled “natural” does not mean that it’s healthy for you.  While organic food can cost more, I just keep in mind that we are only given one body & one life to live.  I want my family & I to live long healthy lives & that’s all I’m trying to achieve.  So, I am starting to buy more 100% organic & natural ones & I’ve started educating myself on the uses of essential oils in place of the harmful, chemical cleaners or products I have used for years.  I feel I’m making healthier choices for my family that may cost more but may also dramatically have an effect on our future health and last time I checked being chronically sick, is pretty expensive too.