DIY Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend

Having 3 kiddos with ADD/ADHD, I know all too well what it’s like for them to have issues falling asleep.  I love the power of essential oils and for relaxing they work wonders.  I myself love some lavender body butter before bed.  I love this DIY Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend. It’s super simple to make and smells amazing!!

The essential oils I’m using in this blend are Lavender, Peace & Calming II & Frankincense. You will also need a carrier oil (I used almond oil), a roller bottle (I was all out so I improvised with a glass dropper bottle). You may also need a plastic pipette, however I did not.

DIY Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend

I started off by adding:

9 drops of Frankincense (helps alleviate nervous energy)

15 drops of Peace & Calming II (very calming and promotes rest)

20 drops of Lavender (helps you relax and unwind)

You could certainly cut this in thirds and make less but I made a pretty good sized bottle.  I added extra Lavender, because I really love the smell…you could add equal amounts of the Peace & Calming II and Lavender though. I then topped it off with some carrier oil filling the bottle until it was about 3/4 of the way full.

This is a really relaxing, pleasant scent. At bedtime, I suggest putting this on the bottoms of your kiddos (and your) feet and maybe even a little on the back of the neck and your wrists. Sweet Dreams!!

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