Easy natural homemade fabric softener in minutes

As a Mom of 4 kiddos, I do a LOT of laundry…2 loads on average daily.  Yikes!! I’m always learning and educating myself on what harmful ingredients might be lurking in the products we use and consume.  It didn’t really hit me until a few months ago though that the dryer sheets that I love so much, were probably leaving all sorts of chemical residue on my family’s clothing and linens.  I love the smell of dryer sheets…the extra softness is great too but the smell is what gets me.  The more I thought about all of those chemicals that were on our towels when we dried off after a shower, or on our sheets and blankets when we went to bed at night and not to mention on our clothes we were every day, the more I just knew I had to stop using them.  So, I hit the internet to figure out what I could use instead of my dryer sheets or fabric softener.  What I found were wool dryer balls that I found on Amazon.  These are great! Not only do my clothes dry faster but they are also soft without all of those chemicals.  The only thing I miss, is that clean, fresh smell of clothes right out of the dryer.  Don’t get me wrong, my clothes smell clean but they lack that “extra” scent that my dryer sheets delivered.

I’ve got friends who use Distilled White Vinegar as their fabric softener and love it.  I recently came across a Pinterest idea that used hair conditioner, vinegar and water to make your own easy homemade fabric softener.  The idea intrigued me because I knew I could use a natural or organic hair conditioner and end up with a natural fabric softener that had the yummy smell and softness I so needed.

So yesterday, I made my own easy natural homemade fabric softener and it works great! I thought I’d share it with you.

Easy natural fabric softener

Here’s my recipe:

1 Empty Container

5 cups hot water

3 cups white vinegar

2 cups hair conditioner (I chose a natural one)

Easy fast fabric softener

I used an empty vinegar bottle for my mixture but you could certainly use an empty fabric softener bottle that has been rinsed out well.  I can’t say how much I use because I just fill the dispenser in my washer.  I did a load of blankets yesterday using my new natural fabric softener and they came out of the dryer smelling yummy and were super soft.

I still use my wool dryer balls because they help cut down on drying time.

If you give this recipe for easy, natural homemade fabric softener a try, I’d love to hear from you.

Feel free to leave me a comment below or email me at happycleanlife@gmail.com.

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