Healthy, Natural “Must Try” Favorite Finds

“Must Have” Favorite Finds

(1) My first favorite find this week is Chocolate Greens.  I have 4 kiddos who don’t eat their daily fruits and veggies. Who am I kidding…neither do I unless I supplement! 😉 This is a great tasting (seriously just ask my kids) way for my kids to get the nutrients their little bodies need. We mix it in milk and it tastes just like chocolate milk. It’s made with 100% natural cocoa powder, contains more than 50 super foods and no sugar as it’s sweetened with Stevia leaf extract.  Keep the germs at bay by drinking this daily to give your body the nutrition it needs to perform at it’s very best! Even my pickiest eater loves it! I highly recommend this one!!

Healthy, Natural "Must Have" Favorite Finds

(2) my next favorite find this week is Kombucha Green Tea.  This tea not only tastes great but is also great for you. It has a blend of spearmint, lemongrass and plum flavors which come together in this light fruity tea. It’s 100% organic and non-gmo. This tea is great for supporting your immune system, supplying antioxidants and supports digestion. One of my favorite things about Yogi brand teas (besides the fact that they are organic and non-gmo) is the cute little inspirations they have on their tea bag tags. They just brighten anyone’s day!

Healthy, Natural "Must Have" Favorite Finds

(3) My last favorite find to share this week is Burt’s Bees Res Q Ointment. This stuff is amazing! Not only does is smell yummy (if you like lavender) but it’s great for so many skin ailments. You can use it on bug bites, burns, skin rashes, and much more. Its great for those winter chapped hands too. Just a little goes a long way so this little pot will last a long time.

Healthy, Natural "Must Have" Favorite Finds

I would love to hear your comments if you’ve used any of these products. Comment below or send me an email Happy Friday!

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