Strawberry Vanilla Cream Trifle

One of my favorite desserts to make is a trifle.   It’s super easy.  My kids love it! It’s not a heavy, rich dessert either. I seem to make this more often in the Spring and Summer months because the fresh fruit is just better then.

You could get all fancy and make your own ingredients but I am usually in a hurry and just grab the ingredients and put it all together.  You can add any fruit of your liking and cake, brownies or cookies too.  I also use pudding and whipped cream but you could add any number of ingredients.  You could also make this dish low calorie, sugar free or even fat free depending on the ingredients you choose to use.  You simply take your ingredients and layer them in a glass trifle bowl.  The layers look so pretty when it’s all finished too.

Strawberry Vanilla Cream Trifle
Strawberry Vanilla Cream Trifle

To make my Strawberry Vanilla Cream Trifle here are the ingredients you need:

1 Angel Food cake or cake of your choosing cut up into cubes

1 container of whipped cream

Pudding (I sometimes use pudding cups because I am often in a time crunch)

Fresh fruit, sliced (I used strawberries but you could certainly use any fruit of your choosing)

Now all you do is layer each ingredient in your trifle dish.  I typically start with the cake, then pudding, fruit and the whipped cream.  Then repeat the layers until your ingredients are gone.  I did add a little chocolate syrup drizzle to this one.  You can add chocolate chips, coconut, chopped nuts, brownies or crushed cookies instead of cake, candy bars, peanut butter and etc.  Get creative! I like to refrigerate mine (covered) before serving but you could certainly serve it as soon as you make it.

If you try this, please let me know what you think! I love hearing feedback from my readers.

Have a happy day!





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