Supermom Syndrome

More than once in my life I’ve had “supermom syndrome”.  I’m sure many of you reading this have had it too or maybe you’ve even diagnosed someone with it before.  I’ve never really understood what someone means when they use the term “supermom”.  Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Are you complimenting someone or chastising them? Are you jealous of them or impressed by them?

I love being a Mom. I give it 110% effort just like I would any job because in my opinion this is THE most important job!

I think it’s meant as a compliment many times, however, I sometimes feel like Moms who use the term “supermom” feel “less than” or that they aren’t doing a “good enough” job as the one being labeled a “supermom”.  My reply to that is STOP IT!! Being a Mom is stressful enough and our duties alone equate to nothing less then having super powers (minus the cool cape) to complete them all…mother, housekeeper, chef, teacher, nurse, coach, chauffeur, story teller, monster killer, planner, organizer, crafter, decorator, best friend, multi-tasking queen, etc.  Even the ones who appear to “have it all together” or those who you label “supermom” get stressed & overwhelmed.  They just hide it well.

Guess what? Some moms have learned how to balance it all REALLY well.

If only we had a “supermom” cape! What would your “super power” be?

I have been be diagnosed with “supermom syndrome” before and here is what I think about it…I’m just trying to be the best darn Mom I can be for my 4 kids.  The only people I’m out to impress are my kids, my husband, & my God.  I’m not trying to “out Mom” anyone or “show up” anyone.

I want to be fun, creative, loving, encouraging, inspirational, motivating, strong, and all of those other things that every good Mom wants to be.  I try to do my very best!

My mind NEVER stops!!!

I’m always doing something…that’s just me.  I like to be busy.  Even when I’m relaxing in front of the tv I’m on my ipad or my phone catching up on emails, social media or surfing the web for new ideas. I just like to be busy!

I like to make my kids and my husband smile.

I like to throw parties for different holidays because it makes my kids happy (and I have fun doing it).

I like to do things with my family that are are memorable and fun.  Every day is a celebration! I just enjoy making others feel special and loved.

I like to make fun, crafty projects with my kids because it’s better than sitting in front of the tv, computer or playing video games.  I am a creative person. I enjoy making fun little gifts for teachers, friends and etc.  It’s just what I do!

I don’t “have it all together”…not even close!

We all know there is NO perfect Mom out there.  Instead of “labeling” each other, I think we should be embracing each other & helping each other.  We need to be supporting each other and inspiring each other.  We have one of the toughest jobs in the world and it just keeps getting harder and harder as the world gets crazier and crazier.

So instead of comparing ourselves to what other’s are doing, just do the best YOU can and do what works for YOU.  I always tell my kids, “to always do their best even when no one is looking” and “to give 110% in everything they do”.

This applies to us Mom’s too.


We all have our own talents, strengths and weaknesses.  We all have “supermom syndrome” if you ask me.  We are all raising children in this fast paced (sometimes scary) world & if we keep them alive for another day…we’ve done our job!

In the eyes of your kiddos, you are “supermom”! Just ask them.

Stop being so hard on yourself.

Just be the best Mom that YOU know how to be…your kids deserve it.

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