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A 5 Minute Makeup Routine for Busy Baseball Moms

As a busy baseball mom & someone who loves makeup, I’ve come up with a 5 minute makeup routine that is perfect for busy baseball moms.  I know many moms who don’t wear makeup every day but for those of us that do, this post is for you.  Or maybe it is for the moms who don’t wear makeup because they think they don’t have the time or the knowledge.  This is super simple!! It will accentuate your best features and have you looking and feeling amazing.

5 Minute Makeup Routine for Busy BASEBALL Moms

Start with your favorite baseball cap and if you have long hair, throw your hair into a pony tail to stay cooler.  A baseball cap is essential for keeping the sun out of your face.

Next, I’d apply a good moisturizer with sunscreen to your face.  If you use foundation, that’s another great way to block the harmful suns rays.  A good foundation will also withstand sweat and humidity.  I have super oily skin and when I am out in the humid Indiana summer temps, I get oily.  I’ve found a great foundation that helps eliminate this oil and looks great all day.  You can check it out here.

Now you can apply a translucent powder or pressed powder (with or without foundation as this will help even out your skin tone & set your foundation).  Apply a bronzer just under your cheekbones to make those cheekbones pop. By doing this, it will actually make your face appear a bit thinner & it will give you a sunkissed glow as well. You can also apply the bronzer just under your jawline and on either side of your nose.  Apply your blush on your cheekbones…nothing to bright.  Pick a color that looks natural.

Apply a few coats of mascara.  I am super picky about my mascara.  I’m not a fan of lashes that look like spider legs or that are all clumpy.  I want my lashes to be thicker and longer but still look natural.

Your final step, is an SPF lip balm and some lip gloss.  I prefer something with a little bit of color but nothing too bright.  It’s important to choose lip products that don’t contain harmful ingredients as this will be something that is on your lips.  I love these fun lip glosses.  Their ingredients are amazing, they don’t feel sticky like some lip glosses and they are super cute and functional.  There is a mirror on the side of the tube…perfect for reapplying at the baseball field.

I always suggest checking out the ingredients of you skincare and makeup.  You want to use the most natural products you can because it takes less than a minute for chemicals in your skincare and makeup to enter your blood stream.

Now, let’s play ball!!

~ Michelle


Joyful Mama Blend

Most of us have those days when we get into a “funk” as I call it and some days no matter what we have going on, it’s just hard to shake it.  I sometimes don’t even know why I’m in a funk or how to snap out of it. Maybe it’s God’s way of letting us know we need to take a little time for ourselves.  As a busy Mom of 4, my plate is usually running over with responsibilities, I do sometimes need a reminder to stop and do something for me.  So maybe those “funks” are just wake up calls to take a break & do something for yourself or just do nothing at all.

I do find that scents can really help me when I get in these “funks”.  I recently got the Young Living Joy essential oil and I must say, it’s amazing.  It’s a blend of bergamot, lemon, palmarosa, jasmine, Roman chamomile, rose, coriander, tangerine, ylang ylang and geranium.  It’s definitely a very floral scent but I like these kinds of scents.  Just a whiff of it brings a smile to my face!

Joy essential oil is definitely a mood booster.  It can also calm anxiety, reduce stress, relieve tension, calm cramps and help your libido.  This essential oil is photosensitive, so you want to avoid sun exposure for 48 hours after using it.

I decided to make a blend of Joy essential oil & Orange essential oil because I thought the two would be a perfect spring & summer blend that would be both calming & uplifting.  Many years ago I visited Arizona in the summer and I will always remember the amazing smell of the orange blossoms.  This was sort of my inspiration for this blend.


Here’s my “Joyful Mamaroller ball blend:

  • 10 drops Joy essential oil
  • 15 drops Orange essential oil
  • Carrier Oil (I had almond oil & apricot oil on hand but you could also use any carrier oil you have on hand)
  • 1 glass roller ball bottle

        I simply add the Joy and Orange essential oil to the bottle & then fill it up with the carrier oil.

This blend can be applied to your wrists, temples, feet or even over your heart.  You can diffuse it or even add it to your bath.  I like to put a little in my hands and just breath it in.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Why I Chose This Word for 2016

Let me start by saying, “I’ve never chosen a WORD for the year before”.  I have however, seen many of my fellow mompreneurs talking about how they have a “word for the year“.  The idea intrigued me because it’s like you are giving your year a main FOCUS.  So I started thinking about what I wanted to focus on in 2016 and I noticed lately that I was drawn to the word “JOY“. I realized I had décor with that word in it and I was sharing posts on social media with that word it in.  So, let me tell you why I chose this word for 2016.

Let’s start with the definition.  JOY is defined as “a feeling of great pleasure or happiness“. I’ve also seen quotes describing JOY as “what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” ~ Marianne Williamson


2015 was an amazing year for myself & my family. I feel like it was a pivotal year for me.  I regained my confidence.  I figured out who I really am and what I stand for.  I figured out my place in this big ol’ world.  I also figured out what doesn’t bring me JOY but instead brings me stress, tears, a bad attitude & just makes me grumpy.  I decided that in 2016, I wanted to remove what I can in my life that doesn’t bring me JOY.  This may be people, activities, volunteer work, business, etc.  If it doesn’t bring me “a feeling of great pleasure or happiness”, then it must go!! Let’s be honest! Life is too short to be anything but happy. Right?! If there is something (or someone) in my life that I can let it go and it will bring more happiness into my life, then it MUST GO!! Everything I purposely do in 2016 will be done in JOY.  I want to be a JOY to others.  I want to wake up with JOY in my heart and go to bed feeling like I made a difference in the world.  I want to tackle situations that could cause me stress or tears with JOY instead.  I want to always look on the bright side of things.  There’s always a reason for everything in my life…the good and the bad.  And no matter what, there is always something good in every situation or at least I like to think there is.  I could spend my days being stressed out about all of my daily tasks as a Mom of 4 or all of my duties as a PTO president.  Or I can choose to look at the JOYS because of these tasks and duties.  I have to do laundry because my family has clothes to wear.  I have to cook because I have 6 mouths to feed.  I have to clean because I have a beautiful house.  I have to plan school events because I want to make a difference in the lives of our students and their families.  There’s always a JOY in everything if you just take a closer look.  For me, even death has a JOY…being with our heavenly Father surrounded by family & friends in Heaven.  Don’t get me wrong, death is sad but I see the flip side.  Heaven is a JOY of death.

I could go on and on about JOY but I won’t.  It’s MY word for 2016.  I think by searching for the JOYS in life, I will have a much happier and less stressful year in 2016. It will get me through the rough, stressful days with deadlines & endless loads of laundry. It will also bring great pleasure and happiness into my life because I have a choice to see things from a more positive perspective and I have a choice of what and whom I let be a part of my life.  Now, maybe you are thinking about your word for 2016 and what you want this year to be about for you.  Maybe you already have a word of the year chosen.  I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to “comment” below or drop me an email at happycleanlife@gmail.com.  Let’s cheer each other on in 2016 and let our words lead us!





10 Commandments for Busy Moms

10 Commandments for Busy Moms

I take my role as a Mom pretty seriously.  I always try to do the best for my family & make each day special.  I am big on making memories & giving my kiddos the best childhood I can.  I don’t try to be “perfect”.  I just try to be the best Mom I can be.  God gifted me with 4 amazing humans and they deserve my very best.  Now granted there have been many days that I have been stressed out and cranky but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that so many times we get upset and cranky about the stuff that just doesn’t really matter.

I keep adding more and more commitments these days.  Maybe because my kids are getting older and are more “self sufficient” I feel like I can devote more time to other things.  I don’t know what I’m thinking actually.  I’m so busy most days! I did tell my husband recently though, that I’m NOT going to complain about any of it though because I am the one who signed up for all that is going on in my life right now.  I could have said, “No”, but I chose be a part of everything that I’m involved in right now.  Sure there will be days when I’m stressed, tired, need to cry, and feeling very cranky but I will do my best to not take it out on my family…that’s what friends are for! Ha Ha 🙂

Seriously, though as Moms we tend to sometimes take on too much and we need to really take a step back and look at what’s really important and weed out the stuff that’s not.  We are all different and we all handle stress differently.  Some can handle a lot that gets thrown at them and some can’t handle very much at all.  Know your limits and learn to deal with the daily stresses of being a busy Mom.

 Here are 10 Commandments that I will be printing and putting up in my office to remind myself of.  Some of these I REALLY need to work on.

10 Commandments for Busy Moms

I. Thou shalt not be perfect or even try to be.

Just be the best Mom you can be for your kids but that doesn’t mean you are “perfect”.  We all have our bad days.  Don’t stress about it and move on.

II. Thou shalt not try to be all things to all people.

You can not please everyone so don’t even try.  Do your best and help people to understand that you are one person.

III. Thou shalt sometimes leave things undone.

It’s ok to leave dishes in the sink and laundry piling up in the hamper.  It’s also ok to take a nap when you need it if you can.

IV. Thou shalt not spread thyself too thin.

Don’t over commit yourself.  Do what you can with the time you have.

V. Thou shalt learn to say “no”.

It’s ok to say “NO”.  Really it is! You CAN NOT do it all so learn what your limits are and what you can handle without stressing out too much.  Say “yes” to what’s really important!

VI. Thou shalt schedule time for thyself and for thy support network.

Make time for yourself.  Go get a mani or pedi.  Take time to read a book or enjoy a hobby.  Spend time with friends who lift you up.

VII. Thou shalt switch thyself off, and do nothing regularly.

Make sure you take time to do nothing.  Give yourself a break.  Your brain needs to turn off and recharge. (This one is a tough one for me!)

VIII. Thou shalt not even feel guilty for doing nothing, or saying no.

Nope! Don’t feel guilty for taking some time to do nothing or for saying no to something you really don’t want to do.  You deserve a break so enjoy it!

IX. Thou shalt be boring, untidy, inelegant, and unattractive at times.

It’s ok to stay in your yoga pants.  It’s ok to not do your hair or makeup (although I rarely go without makeup).  It’s okay to be lazy!

X. Thou shalt not be thine own worst enemy but be thine own best friend.

Love yourself! Love all your faults, your wrongs, your rights, your worst days and your best days.  You are human & don’t forget that!

I’m the only one who can give my kids a healthy, happy Mom


There are so many busy, overworked, tired and sometimes crabby Moms in the world today.  I often think about the Mom I was just 5 years ago.  I wasn’t a happy, energetic Mom. Looking back now, I feel like I was just getting by every day. I did my many duties for my family with very little time for myself. I was a stay-at-home Mom of 4 kids and we did struggle financially back then. I tried different ways to make some extra money but in the end, I just didn’t have the time or energy. I knew there was something missing in my life. I knew I wasn’t taking care of me. I wasn’t eating as healthy as I should. I wasn’t as physically active as I could have been. I had extra pounds to lose but I it wasn’t doing anything to try and change anything. I was just going through the motions every day and counting down the hours every day until my husband came home from work and the kids went to bed.

Eventually my family and I relocated out of state and that was the best thing ever for me. I had a fresh start. I had to get out and meet new people and explore my new surroundings. I got to try new things and gained my confidence back. But I still wasn’t taking care of my health. One day it just hit me that in the end, I’m the only one who can give my kids a happy healthy mom who loves life. I knew my kids deserved a happy, healthy mom and I knew I deserved it. I knew I wanted to be around for them as long as I could and the only way to ensure that was to take better care of myself. I had to eat healthier. I had to workout regularly. I had to make time for me.

It’s taken me 5 years to get where I’m at and I’m still a work in progress but I am happy and I am healthy. I take care of myself and I definitely don’t dwell on things like I used to.  I’m in charge of my own happiness. If I’m miserable, unhappy, discouraged, depressed or etc., ultimately I’m the only one who can make a change in my life to make things better. Too many people complain about things they just aren’t willing to change. So stop complaining and stop being unhappy. Your kids deserve better and so do you. If you aren’t happy with your weight, guess what? You are the only one who can change that. If you aren’t happy with your current job or lack of one, you are the one to change that too. Whatever it is that makes you unhappy can be changed. You can find happiness! I honestly believe that being truly happy with life also means you take care of your health. Being overweight, sick, tired and dealing with all sorts of health ailments can really bring someone down. I’m here to help you in anyway that I can, please reach out to me. Don’t give up! Be happy and love life!!