The Best Tasting Healthy Superfood Hot Cocoa

As a healthy foodie & chocolate lover living in Indiana, I have always been on the hunt for a tasty, yet healthy hot cocoa recipe…especially during our cold winter months. I’ve tried so many recipes over the years but they were either lacking in taste or in nutrition. And the packaged cocoa, forget it! It’s loaded with sugar and far too many chemicals!

I’ve finally come up with a recipe that not only tastes good but is SO good for you!!

The Best Healthy Superfood Hot Cocoa

For this recipe, your won’t need cocoa powder. You want organic raw cacao powder. If you’re not familiar with cacao powder, you’re missing out! It’s full of anti-aging antioxidants, magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium. It’s the superfood in this recipe!

Cacao Vs. Cocoa
Cacao Vs. Cocoa

I have also included coconut oil in my recipe which in my opinion is another superfood that should be in your diet every day! My favorite coconut oil is Coco Calla coconut oil. This coconut oil is the best tasting & healthiest I’ve tried. The coconuts are harvested on an organic farm next to the Gulf of Thailand and are packed with a unique blend of beneficial vitamins and minerals. There are many uses for coconut oil but my main use is sneaking it in my diet. It helps boost metabolism and can help with allergies. It’s a fat that is used as energy instead of being stored as fat. It even has anti-inflammatory properties. I sneak a spoonful in my coffee every day.

To add a little extra healthiness to this hot cocoa recipe, I also add cinnamon & tumeric. Cinnamon enhances chocolates flavor. It also has many health benefits including being an antioxidant and an anti- inflammatory. Adding tumeric will not change the taste. I promise you won’t know it’s in there. You will however, reap it’s many benefits which include being an anti-inflammatory as well as a metabolism and weight loss booster.

Tumeric Benefits

To sweeten this recipe, you can use raw honey, stevia, maple syrup or any other healthy sweetener of your choice. I chose to use Chocolate Sweet Drops. It’s a natural liquid Stevia with zero calories.

Healthy superfood ingredients

Now that I’ve given you all of the amazing reasons to make this healthy superfood hot cocoa, are you ready for the recipe?

The Best Healthy Superfood Hot Cocoa

2 c. Milk of your choice

2 – 3 T. Cacao Powder (more or less depending on hour chocolatey you want it)

1 t. Coconut oil

1/2 t. Cinnamon

1/4 t. Tumeric

Sweetener to taste

Start with your warm milk. Add all ingredients & stir until smooth. You can add whipped cream or mini marshmallows. While not the healthiest choice, what is hot cocoa without one or the other? Grab a book & sit back and enjoy this chocolatey goodness!

Let me know what you think of this recipe!!


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