Tyra Bank’s has developed a makeup line & it’s amazing!!

I’m so excited to share with you a new company that I’ve come across that is offering clean makeup! I’ve searched for a cosmetic line that offered only the good stuff and none of the toxins and chemicals we find in most cosmetics and I have finally found one that gets two thumbs up from me!

So this makeup line is the genius of Tyra Banks.  You know the supermodel & recent Harvard Business School grad? It turns out she is a brilliant business women who has created a cosmetic line called Tyra Beauty.  This is a direct sales company that has enlisted the help of direct sales reps also known as BeautyTainers.  The compensation plan for Tyra Beauty is one of the best I’ve seen.  Each BeautyTainer earns a 25% discount on product purchases, plus bonuses, commission & there is even a chance to earn a trip to L.A. to meet Tyra, have dinner with her & even appear on Tyra Bank’s show.


Now let’s get down to the real question, how’s the makeup? I’m going to be honest, I loved it! Tyra has developed what she calls a Tyover which is basically a simple & quick makeover centered around highlighting and contouring.  The 2 Minute Tyover includes a Sculpt in a Stick (contouring) and Light in a Stick (highlighting).  There is also a 4 Minute Tyover and a 6 Minute Tyover that also include the contouring and highlighting sticks.  Now if you’ve never done any contouring and highlighting with your makeup, I suggest you give it a try.  I’d never done it before either because it just looked too complicated.  With this system though, it’s in stick form so there’s no brushes requied.  It’s just a few quick swipes and some blending and your done! You can make your nose appear thinner or minimize a large forehead.  How about making yourself look a bit thinner? Who doesn’t want that? Take a look at my pictures below.  The one on the left is me before with my regular makeup on and the picture on the right is with the Tyra Beauty makeup.  Do you notice how much thinner my face looks with the contouring and highlighting?



Tyra Beauty offers an amazing line of clean cosmetics including the highlighting and contouring stick set, cheeck color, lipstick, eye color, eye liner, liquid eyeliner with a corrector end and even an amazing brow pen that mimicks the appearance of actually hair.  I will be doing more tutorials and reviews of these amazing products.  I like how easy they make makeup application.  There are no brushes needed.  You simply swipe it on and blend it and off you go.  Anyone can do this! If you would like more information about the products, how to order or would like more info about the business opportunity, take a look at this website http://bit.ly/1fuSDMY.

If you’ve tried this these products, I’d love to hear what you think.  Feel free to leave a comment below or email me at happycleanlife@gmail.com.

Have a happy healthy day!



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