Why do we fear change?

Why do we fear change? Have you ever been in a situation, relationship, career, etc. and you knew it was time for a change but you just kept doing what you’ve always done? You keep going through the motions.  You keep doing what you do but you know it’s not what your heart really desires.  Change is scary.  Change means leaving our comfort zone & trying something new.  Leaving something that is comfortable for something that is unknown and new can definitely be frightening.  But in my experience with change, it’s never easy but it’s always worth it in the end.


I’ve had my fair share of big changes over the years…leaving a marriage, moving to a different state, starting a business & then moving on to a new business, etc.  Many times I had to reach a breaking point in order to make a move and make a change.   Something happens and I realize that this just isn’t working for me.  There has to be something better out there for me.  You get to the point that you just don’t care what waits for you but you know that it has to be better than the current situation you are.  Sometimes you just need something new to refuel your passion.  And in the end, all of the major changes I’ve had over the years have always lead me to something bigger and better.

I see so many people living unhappy, unfulfilling lives all because they are afraid to make a change.  They are afraid to upset the status quo.  But life is just too short to live a life of unhappiness or living a life that just doesn’t feed your passion.  Yes, change is hard! Yes, it’s uncomfortable! But it’s also kind of exciting! It’s a second chance at something.  Sometimes it’s a “re-do” or a fresh start.  It’s a new beginning.

If you are unhappy or unfulfilled in some area in your life, take a minute and close your eyes.  Visualize how you’d like your life to look.  What changes would you make? How would it feel if your life was the way you visualize it to be? Would you wake up every morning excited & go to bed happy? What’s holding you back? What are you afraid of? You deserve happiness, success, someone who loves you & supports you unconditionally.  You deserve everything you want.  You just have to decide that you’ve had enough & you are going to go for it.  You can do it! Sometimes you may find that those who are supposed to love and support you, won’t understand your decision to make this change, but you’ve got to do what’s best for you.  This is your life to live and you only get one life. So, do whatever it is that scares you and find happiness again.  In the end, you will look back and realize that change isn’t so scary after all & in the end, it was all worth it.

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