Why that number between your toes is killing your confidence


I was texting with a friend yesterday who recently started her weight loss journey with me and began using my nutritional cleansing program.  I was offering her some advice and encouragement after she had told me that she had gained a pound instead of losing even though she hopped on the scale because she “felt” she had lost.  I gave her some reasons as to why she might have gained that one pound only 2 days into the program and encouraged her to stick with the program because it works.  The entire time I’m thinking…here is a woman who has decided to make a change.  She has decided to give this program a try and for the past 2 days she has stuck to the plan, given up her diet soda and set her mind to do this.  She wakes up on day #3 and she feels great! She feels like she can see or feel a difference…possibly she has lost some weight even.  So her only true test of whether she has lost is to step on the scale.  She is excited and feels so good about herself but when she steps on the scale, she’s GAINED a pound instead of losing anything.  So, immediately she is crushed.  She starts doubting the program, doubting herself, maybe even doubting that this will even work.  Now, what if she hadn’t stepped on that scale? What if she would have gone about her day just “thinking” she’d lost and “feeling” a change in her body? She would have exuded joy, happiness and confidence because I truly believe that losing weight can make all the difference in someone’s attitude.  What’s really sad, is she probably has started shrinking those fat cells but because of that darn number staring at her from between her toes, she is feeling a bit defeated.  Why do we put SO MUCH value on that number? WHY?! That number doesn’t mean anything!! When you are trying to lose weight (the healthy way I might add), it’s more important to use measurements, pictures and how your clothes feel.  There are numerous reasons why your weight might fluctuate even 5 pounds from day to day.  It’s not always about what you ate or didn’t eat.


Here’s a confession…I have been a bit obsessed about my weight and that darn number on the scale for most of my life. Don’t all women know what they weighed in high school? I think my driver license might still have that weight. Shhh…  And back then, I thought that I weighed too much! I’ve always weighed more than you would guess just by looking at me.  I was always told I had “big bones” even when I was a size 5 or 7. 😉 Just always remember that muscle weighs more than fat…if only I had more muscle! Anyway, there was a time in my life a few years ago when I was very obsessed with the number on the scale, so much so that I would weigh myself several times a day every day.  At the time I was using a prescription to help me lose weight…essentially I was starving myself because of that prescription.  It was not a good idea nor do I suggest that anyone try to lose weight that way…because guess what? That weight will come back unless you change your lifestyle!

Those who understand how the body works, know that weighing yourself daily, let alone several times a day is not a good idea! So, one day I decided that I wasn’t going to let that number control me anymore.  If I didn’t like what it said, it truly did control my mood for the day.  It was always in the back of my mind that I had gained a pound or two or whatever.  I would question why and get upset that I couldn’t lose.  It was making me miserable.  So, I threw out my scale! And for about a year, I didn’t weigh myself.  I only got weighed at my yearly exams.  Eventually sometime in the last year or so, I bought a scale because I wanted to see my progress and I told myself it would be different this time.  I wouldn’t weigh every day, several times a day.  But guess what…eventually I was weighing every day and that stupid number would then either get my day off to a great start or a grumpy one! Being in the business that I’m in, people want to know the numbers.  Showing “before” and “after” photos just isn’t good enough.  They want to know how many pounds you’ve lost and how many inches? Who cares! Just look at my results!! But since I started a new nutritional cleansing program, I have started to weigh myself again but I DO NOT weigh daily.  I weigh myself twice a week maybe and I stop myself from weighing daily.  I suggest to my clients that they not weigh every day either.  Don’t let that number control you.  Don’t let that number kill your confidence.  Let the way your clothes start to fit as you lose the weight be your confidence booster, not a number.  Take pictures so you can compare your “before” with your “after”.  I love looking at my “before” and “after” pictures.  I can see the changes.

So, here are my 5 week results…I’ve lost 3 inches in my waist and 3 inches in my hips.  How much weight do you think I’ve lost?

My 5 week weight loss results...how much do you think I've lost?
My 5 week weight loss results…how much do you think I’ve lost?

I am just curious to see if what your eyes see is the same as what the scale tells me I’ve lost.  Go ahead! Take a guess!! Comment below with you guess and down forget to subscribe to my blog to get your free gift!

Have a happy healthy day!


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